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It's more work than you think

What if I told you that almost two-thirds of the wedding clients we come across during our wedding assignments who did not get an event planner regretted not hiring one? Would you believe me? I am sure you'd say, that it is unlikely to be true. And from the bride's point of view, it does feel like a bit of a stretch. But one thing is certain: couples almost always underestimate the amount of work that lies ahead of them when it comes to planning a wedding.

Recently we've met a bride who got a "medium size" wedding bouquet and actually a good looking one: fresh flowers, symmetric shape and it even smelled great.  And yet, the bride was a "petite" size while that medium size bouquet looked giant on her. And this is the tiniest and example we have.

We live in a 21st Century when shopping for a certain item can take minutes and sometimes seconds but when it comes to weddings – it's a whole different story. And why is that?

The answer may not be obvious but the problem is obvious: Every bride wants to feel unique and different from the rest!

So how is this bad? Well, our brains are trained to see the difference no matter how small it is. Couples are willing to spend hours or even days to look at the finest details and go over minor things to make sure everything will be perfect no matter how great the vendor already is. They are obsessed about that tiny difference and willing to give up so much of their free time to find it. Is it worth it?

And that was just a portion of the problem. Brides also want to take a crash course of wedding industry by learning almost all aspects of it.

An award winning photographer with 10 years of experience and over a hundred of 5-Star reviews being asked about how reliable his car or what is his backup plan or an insurance? Of course, he does! That's why he is a five-star vendor.

A florist shop that has been in business for over 50 years is asked if they are familiar with the event space one block away.

Secondly, we are not going to let you get drawn in the per vendor communication and logistics and yet you are still in charge, but instead of going it alone, you gain the benefit of our combined years of experience from multiple vendors in creating top rated wedding experiences through a convenient one-stop shop platform.

And I am not saying that these questions are bad but certain things are obvious: the photographer would not have gotten the reputation he earned had he used an unreliable car or old photography gear and the florist would probably be out of business for a long time if they never visited the venue next door during their 50 years in business.

My point is: couples are wasting their time reviewing dozens of vendors against each other and then reviewing their packages, meeting them (sometimes more than once), reviewing contract after contract after contract and for what? To get to the exact same point, professional can take them almost effortlessly. After all the vendor with 100+ five star reviews has almost zero chance of disappointing you.

Brides deserve the best. No doubt. But in this time of shopping revolution, there is no need to live a second life just to plan a wedding.

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