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Planning an intimate SF City Hall wedding? We can help. My City Hall Wedding Team is a group of highly qualified wedding vendors who offer professional make-up and hair, photography, videography, flowers, transportation, livestreaming and more. Inclusive packages from $1899.



Doesn't have to cause stress. You can trust our team with 10+ years of experience.

Bundle A

Photography + Files, Event Planning, Bridal Bouquet + Boutonniere, Transportation

Bundle B

Photography + Files, Event Planning, Bridal Bouquet + Boutonniere, Transportation, HMUA

Bundle C

Photography + Files, Event Planning, Bridal Bouquet + Boutonniere, Transportation, HMUA, Videography


What clients are saying:

My fiancé and I were planning a large wedding with family and friends, but then settled for something a lot more intimate as we didn't have time or desire to plan it on a large scale. In our search for the vendors we found My City Hall Wedding which happened to be perfect for us. They provided a full package that included highly rated professionals – from hair/makeup stylist to photo/video. Instead of communicating with 5 different vendors we worked with 1 single point of contact – Tej from My City Hall Wedding. She guided us through everything we would need on our wedding day – hair, makeup, flowers, limo, photo and video. All in one single package. Tej helped me chose a hair and makeup style as well as flowers. And we completed trusted MCHW with their choice of photographer and videographer – look at their website – the images speak for themselves.

On the day of the wedding everything went smoothly without a single worry. Our stylist was on time and was great. The florist delivered the flowers to our hotel room. The car was waiting for us, the photographer and videographer met us at the entrance of the City Hall and guided us through the whole process. Can't thank Josef (our photographer) for incredible photos. Alex – the videographer – captured very intimate and personal moments. 

Can't thank My City Hall Wedding and everyone involved enough. I have heard lots of stressful wedding stories and have been to a few of these myself. That was not our experience.

Valeria V.


My name is Tejel and I am a professional wedding planner based in San Francisco Bay Area. I've coordinated hundreds of events from simple business gatherings to major celebrations that involve international flights, thousands of participants, remote conferencing, coordination with dozens of vendors simultaneously working on a tight schedule.This been said, I always loved the simplicity of small elopements and that's why I began coordinating intimate San Francisco City Hall weddings. We've created a group of top wedding professionals that will help you make your special day unique, beautiful and hassle-free..My job is to coordinate logistics, communications, reservations, permits and everything that is required in order for you to enjoy your life prior to your wedding.

Meet Tej

Planning Stages

Planning a wedding can be a very exciting project. It may be even the first time you and your fiance are spending so much time together planning. It brings you closer and perhaps you learn new things about each other. Isn't it fun? As great as it sounds, there is always another side of the story. A part in which you get tired, frustrated even at the beginning. And it only gets harder. Even if the couples plan their wedding well in advance and have their venues and pastor booked, they still have to find a photo, video, caterer, florist, limo, musicians, bartenders, photo booths and these just vendors. What about materials for decor, accessories, and permits?

A soon as you initiate your communication with EACH of these vendors, you will find that most offer different levels of services, multiple packages that you will have to learn and understand to make a choice. And keep in mind that you are going to compare multiple vendors packages against each other not to mention that you probably will need to do a reputation check and read what others say about them. Sound like a long list? Wait, it gets better…

There will be conflicts in schedules between vendors or other limiting factors you will have to navigate. In many cases, you will have to personally meet with multiple vendors and sometimes more than once to make sure that things are synchronized. And if you can't meet them on a weekday, your weekends for a couple of months will not belong to you but to your wedding vendors. They will OWN your time.

Already exciting, huh? And I haven't even mentioned the frustration things that you imagined don't work: example, your venue cannot operate past 11PM or they only have wine license and you can't bring hard liquors or your bartender suddenly requires $10,000 minimum in alcohol purchases or you can't bring your preferred caterer because he is not on the vendor list? Should I go on? No problem. Your venue won't allow putting a tent outside in case it's raining because it wasn't part of the contract, your lighting person cannot work at the venue because they have insufficient power for his lights, your caterer can't get his wide truck on a property because their entrance is not big enough. I can go on but I think you get an idea of what to expect.

I've painted a pretty dark picture, didn't I? If everything I said above makes sense to you, then why do couples keep planning their own weddings. The answer is very simple. They think that they will save money and they will pick better vendors.

Is this always true?

Couples who prefer to go through the hassles of planning their wedding without professional help have no reason to believe they can save or at least not to spend more money on a wedding. They probably have little trust in the photographer who came in the package with the venue or a florist who is a friend/relative of a coordinator. And in general, they are right. After all, it's not a secret that businesses that don't have to compete to earn business generally do not offer the best service. Under the different circumstances, the quality will range from average to good but it is unlikely to be top notch.

How we are different?

First of all, we do not work with anyone who does not have a consistent 5-star rating and consistently offer a TOP-NOTCH service. That means we are 100% confident that you will be satisfied with the results as well.Secondly, we are not going to let you get drawn in the per vendor communication and logistics and yet you are still in charge, but instead of going it alone, you gain the benefit of our combined years of experience from multiple vendors in creating top rated wedding experiences through a convenient one-stop shop platform.

Secondly, we are not going to let you get drawn in the per vendor communication and logistics and yet you are still in charge, but instead of going it alone, you gain the benefit of our combined years of experience from multiple vendors in creating top rated wedding experiences through a convenient one-stop shop platform.

Rather than taking on the burden of coordinating multiple vendors, why not communicate effectively with a dedicated team that is committed to the success of your wedding, works well together and are all top-rated within their own fields? This allows you to go on with your life, keep your normal work and weekend schedules and most important, enjoy the week before your wedding with friends and family pre-wedding events, instead of worrying about individual vendors, details and schedules coming together. Sound good?

What do we need?

We want you to trust our choices for the professional that will be helping you. This been said, we will listen to your preferences for each vendor, the budget, and style. We will hear your inputs throughout the wedding day and will adjust things accordingly.


Why book your wedding with us?

  1. You book all vendors in 1 simple package.
  2. You are guaranteed to book 5 star vendors only.
  3. You are guaranteed to book these 5 star vendors at a competitive price which is actually less than booking the same vendors separately (trust me we've done our homework and it took us years to build these relationships and get the deals we get).
  4. You have a personal wedding coordinator/planner who will help make your day stress free by aligning top vendors and answering any questions you might have


  • Florists
  • Photographers
  • Hair & Make-up
  • Officiant
  • Videography

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