My City Hall wedding has carefully chosen a group of elite San Francisco Florists who not only been in business for many years and mastered flower design skills but also have an outstanding 5-Star rating, easy to communicate with and highly motivated.




Our goal is simple: you point what you want and we will make it happen. No multiple meetings, dozens of emails, scheduling, pricing reviews – only simple and straightforward experience.

Do you know how you can easily spot a bad florist? It will be the one who provides a short pin for a large groom's boutonniere. The result is obvious, it will either flip or fall off entirely. Or perhaps you may not get the freshest flowers or properly assembled bouquet. And while you may not even care about it until it starts to fall apart on your wedding day.

MCHW doesn't work with florists who like shortcuts. Our partners are the Best of the Best and when you get to hold their creations – it will be obvious to everyone that you wanted your wedding day to be special. And while our florists are not cheap, your flowers will look amazing not only on your wedding day but in your beautiful wedding album.