My City Hall Wedding – A 5 Stars one Stop Shop Experience


My name is Joseph Kohn and I am the owner of IQphoto Studio. I am 99.9% sure we worked together at some point in the past as we have been service Bay Area for many years.

The reason I am contacting you is simple: I would like to partner up with few companies that only deliver 5-star service to the couples who are planning a simple weekday wedding.

My focus is to create the same 5-star one stop shop experience for any potential brides who are planning to get married at San Francisco City Hall or at a nearby park, garden or beach.

My initial stage was building a website and posting some initial content on it, creating google business profile and Yelp & Facebook pages. I have currently finished this portion and currently working on Phase 2.

Phase 2 is where I need your help assuming, of course, you are interested. But before I go into the details, I would like to briefly go over the philosophy of how we can relatively quickly establish the 5-star reputation without major expenses or serious personal time investment.

I am sure you know that establishing a business can be a process that can take years and may not be very profitable for a long time. Not to mention personal and emotional investment.

The reason I am contacting you is simple: You’ve already an established vendor I want you to keep doing what you doing (running your own business) while this project is slow developing by itself.

By itself? – you’d probably ask… I will explain… We will need to do some promotion such as SEO, yelp, etc., but I have an idea that will minimize our time and expenses to a very minimum.

My job:

I will make sure it all works. Portfolios, pages, prices, payments, etc., and I won’t require any money upfront except perhaps setting an expense account from which website development costs will be paid. But these expenses should be minor. Your main job in phase 2 will be helping the site to gain a reputation as a one-stop shop experience.

How can this be done?

Well, this has to do with why I’ve contacted you and not a business beginner. You have established a very solid 5-star reputation. This means you deliver exceptional product and you did it long enough. And since you’ve already have a solid rating on Yelp, you can replicate this success for our combined website.

And before I explain what I mean by “replicate” I would ask you a question: would it be awesome if the bride who is searching for pastor or photographer will immediately see your business? I am sure you would say “Yes”. However seeing your listing is not enough, to say the least.
This was already done before. Yelp and google both show multiple results per search as well. And while people search for wedding gown and see your listing too, they most likely won’t care in the beginning, but once they realize that we are one stop shop and they can book the entire experience at a single place and (what is more important) they will see our solid 5-star rating based on dozens of reviews, it will be very likely they will book us.

At this point (phase 2) it is extremely hard to create a one-stop shop that will work for all the couples. Reasons are simple: some just want make-up and hair and photographer, other would want a bouquet, pastor, videographer, and limo.

Creating flexible packages and easy shopping experience as well as a strong message to our potential customers will be a part of the Phase 3 portion.

So what is required from you at this point?

Commitment to the project is very important as what we need the most at this point is generate traffic to our website and dramatically increase visibility in a very fast way?

What is the fast way?

One word: “Reviews” – you have many already, let’s copy them into our platform (our Yelp, Google, Facebook pages)


You will need to re-engage with your previous customers explaining about our new project that will help brides find a complete experience at a single website. I prefer to leave the fine details on that for you but this will rely mostly on your communication and business skills.

By copying the reviews into our platform, potential customers will request your services in particular instead of choosing someone else on our platform.

Someone else? Will we have to share the site with others?

Yes, I feel most categories should have 3 vendors in each so we can be flexible in case one of us is booking on a particular date. Additionally, this will help our business grow faster if 15-20 total vendors engaging with their customers at the same time building a strong reputation on yelp instead of 5-6. This is still going to be a very exclusive club and founding members such as you will have lasting benefits as long as they keep contributing to the website.

So what are the benefits?

If we are successful, we will be able to create a niche for the clients that do not want to shop around for individual vendors but rather book the entire package. We will be able to get the clients that are otherwise would book vendors one by one and may not even be exposed to each individual vendor. By providing a proven 5-star complete experience we will be a unique opportunity for a client. We can potentially change the client perspective on how to book a wedding vendor turning them towards our unique platform. However, this will have time and will not happen this year. We will need a new set of reviews